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Day Three, part two

Part one has disappeared. I will have to redo it when I get the time.

We found a shield that I immediately recognized as something magical. It had runes on it, and when I invoked the Rune of Protection and touched it, a rune on it flared, and that one looked like a sympathetic amplifier to the Rune of Mending and possibly to other types of healing. I think this could be very handy.

We went down a hallway and there found a crypt dedicated to evil gods and full of sarcophagi. Here we battled hobgoblins and made rather short work of them. I realized after the fight with the zombies that Rhonin and Adara were not with us, so SilverTongue and I went looking for them and found them. Rhonin was so worn out from battle that he had overslept and was grouchy until we gave him some travel cakes, soaked them in brandy, ignited them, and told him they were pancakes.

This room had a spiral staircase in it, and we went up it, looking for Mirtella. And we found her in the room at the top, but we didn’t notice her immediately because there were four enormous rats (Dire Rats) before us. I didn’t know rats could get that big. They would need a very large and wild cat to keep them down. Adara singed the whiskers off a couple of them, and Silvertongue thought that was a fine idea and did it some more. That roasted one of them, and darn it if it didn’t smell kind of like chicken. Then Therren, who likes to hang around in back, but that’s okay because he has very sharp vision saw a hobgoblin in the corner and sure enough there were two of them. One of them hit me and then he went all blurry so I couldn’t see him. I breathed on him and when I could kind of see where the ice crystals formed I struck him. It did not take us long to battle. Therren has a very fancy bow and can shoot arrows even two at a time. He would be a Big Hit at the faire and could probably win the prize for shooting.

Mirtella was very ill with Filth Fever. I got her comfortable and if we’re careful she may survive. Then Adara asked about the bite she had gotten from one of the rats. It’s always hard to tell right away, but it looked deep enough that I fear she may also start developing symptoms. We will have to keep an eye on her. I cleaned out the wound and we bandaged it up but we’ll have to keep checking on it. Adventuring is most unsanitary.

Then we went into a room that had great big runes on the floor and a huge family crest – “Von Yalak.” The runes were bright as if they had been freshly painted, even though everything else down here has been grimy and dingy. Ho, ho! Our scales are not still wet! We carefully avoided them as they must be a trap! There were swarms of little flying lizards in the room that were so cunning, except for that they were also very vicius and did not appear amenable to training . (Needlefang Drakelings). Adara rose up and floated into the air and blew just the tiniest puff of breath, and it lifted (by magic, obviously) Rhonin clear off his feet and blew him across the room! I’ve never seen anything like it! But after she landed Adara was attacked by hobgoblins (is there no end to them?) and I had to work to keep her healed. Between all of us we made short work of them, but it helped to have Silvertongue against the swarms of little guys. It takes forever to try to hit them all, like trying to smite mosquitoes with a warhammer. (Which, I note, ought not be done if a mosquito has landed on your brother’s nose. Even if he did call you “Shorty.”)

We freed a cantankerous dwarf, who hit it off with Rhonin and I had to heal him and we had to splint his broken arm. We are doing well so far as Heroic Rescuers! I think they should write a song about us. It is sure to be very popular.

And last we found a room with two larger Drakes in it. What do you think – this was the room that the “Bottomless” Pit fell into! What a funny thing to have in the basement! We just wanted to take care of this as this was the last room in this part of the basement, and then we would have a big meal and a good rest, so we fell upon them with Great Vigor and dispatched them quite handily. We also rescued yet another villager, a grandmotherly herbalist, who is going to share some of her wisdom with us. Or at least Adara. Besides her and Silvertongue, the rest of us are more the action type than the learning type.

Vaxxa's New Journal

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