Nathan's Table


  • Loot Awarded
    Jamnan Fiendline (Jeremy Kofoot) – (Level 2) Farbond Spellblade, (Level 4) Bloodcut Armor
    Hammer (Maxwell Lee) – (Level 7) Dwarven Armor (+2), (Level 4) Avalanche Warhammer, (Level 2) Badge of the Berserker
    Theren (Qihan Long) – (Level 3) Inescapable Bow, (Level 4) Cloak of Distortion
    Ki-amar (Tuan Dang) – (Level 3) Staff of the War Mage, (Level 3) Stanching Armor
  • Gear Awarded
    Healing Potions: 4
  • Gold Awarded
    Total Gold per Character: 400 (check me on this)
    Rivenroar – 300 (this includes the reward at the end for turning in the prisoners)
    Sent to Overlook – 100
Session 12

As the group comes down the stairs they come into a large cavernous room. They see to the far right a roaring fire and what appears to be a collapsed tunnel. They also notice other piles of stone that appear to have fallen from the ceiling. What really catches their eyes though is in the back of the room a large Orc is threatening a dwarf. Upon seeing you arrive the Orc throws the dwarf to the floor where he just appears to slump over. The group is then attacked, leaving Hammer in the front of the group to protect the squishes behind him. As Orc after orc continue to rush Hammer, he defiantly rebukes their advances and does not give ground. This is until the Orog Champion enters the Fray, Hammer is beaten to within an inch of his life on several occasions and finally succumbs to the beatings. He retreats to the back of the group where he shuts down for the remainder of the battle.
As this is happening the battle starts to turn against the Orog champion and as one last ditch effort he starts to run back to the Dwarf laying on the ground. As he is running back he threatens the group that he will kill the dwarf unless the team leaves. The team does not leave and reaches the Orc Champion before he can get to the dwarf and take him down.
After the encounter the group heals Hammer and revives the Dwarf. He tells the group that he has collapsed 2 of the 3 tunnels and does not know the fate of the other tunnel and has requested the group go verify it has been collapsed.

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