We are clever, and say “No!” to Sarshan to confuse him. Suddenly, there is a huge explosion – the Foundry! Umeril sneaked up next to Sarshan and smote him a mighty blow, but none the less, he sneaked past her and escaped, leaving us to his chain fighters and gloom blades and panthers. One of them blinded me, which was most annoying but I struck out with the Flames of Purity. A momentous day! Adara was not hit with an attack! I’ve never seen her so surprised. Except maybe on one of our earlier journeys when she sat on a hedgehog. Then she turned around and smacked me with a spell in an attempt to kill the guys surrounding us. They were insubstantial, as were the panthers, which was most unfair, if you ask me. Umeril got knocked down, which was unfortunate. I did try my Rune of the Ember of Wrath which, teamed with Adara’s attack, took out two Gloom Fighters. I suffered much damage in this fight, but did grant several healing effects to others. We were sore injured, but gradually wore them down with only Umeril being down. Silver Tongue and Adara eventually figured out how to work the portal with much arguing. Umeril jumped through and the rest of us followed. We ended up in the room next to where we came in to the Shadowfell, with earthquakes all around us, and a mess of wraiths.

There are 6 doors in this room in addition to the elevator. After several minutes of enthusiastic discussion, we decide to go about them in an orderly fashion, much to Rhonin’s dismay. We pick a door and find…the scientists!!! Silvertongue finds out they know nothing about the bomb. Sarshan’s guys brought in the “test subjects” who are the people we rescued from BRINDOL! They’re trying to make them strong and biddable with no consent, which seems like Unethical Experimentation! Adara and I collected up some magic books. Ian heard some murmurming outside another door. We find out the “spares” are kept upstairs. That’s other people for them to experiment on. We meet a clueless Shadar-Kai named Nekkar who just doesn’t fit in with the Shadowfell. He’s as cheerful as Vialla was at school – all puppies and cookies and stuff. We do save Certanian, the kid and the witch from the vats by working together to figure this out, with one very unfortunate casulty. The door bursts open and a whole bunch of Shadar-Kai with panthers burst in and tell us to stand down…

We are bundled off to see Sarshan. The elevator has no railings. I surreptitiously examined it, which was hard with the panthers and all, but there was a little K&H logo! We are brought up to a place that is a garden, all dark and black, which is very odd. There is also a teleportation portal here. Everything is lit dimly. Then…Sarshan appears, cloaked in black. Then he gave us a huge dramatic speech. I looked at bugs. Sarshan wants us to join in cause in payment for disrupting stuff.

We camp in a dusty room on the way to Sarshan’s Tower. Wonder again why we don’t just blow up the Tower, but figure that a bunch of mercenaries with a leader is better than one without. Find funny shaped library with unusually tight corners. Wonder of this was designed by the mysterious “K & H” – it would make sense, in a strange way, if they were from the Shadowfell. We decide to go look for bomb anyway, kill things, and ad lib from there. Dusty library lit with dirty lamps. Shadar-Kai warriors digging through books, probably looking for books on how to kill stuff. Attacked by two warriors, a witch who cast areas of darkness, and an invisible guy. I dispatch the invisible guy. The bookshelves start shooting darts at us. Alan stops the trap and we chase after the invisible witch who ran away, into yet another very oddly shaped room. In the library they were apparently working on things to enhance warriors. I think a good program of exercise and nutrition would be much more efficient. New room had wraith and warriors. We got the witch, but the wraith was most annoying. And the chain fighters. This time the wraith runs off. We restrain Rhonin from running off after it. Alan made an illusionary warrior which helped to distract them. After much random flailing, we finally got them. There does appear to be an elevator, which is interesting. Unless, of course, it was designed by “K&H.”


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