We returned through the portal, came up from the basement of the Happy Beggar and it was BURNED DOWN! Umril claims she did not do it, and it does not seem like her style. And Alan was with us in the Shadowfell, so it was probably not him either. Alan declared that it was arson, in the old fashioned (i.e., not magical) style. There is a lot of other news too. Fluffy has been misbehaving since Rhonin was away. Rennis is a bit peeved about that. Khalad is doing better. Some Dwarf guy named Bram Ironfell wanted to talk to Rhonin. The people from Brindol didn’t come back here, but Alan did a sending, and Lena says they went back to Brindol, which makes sense if you think about it. Umril found out that the Lost Ones have not been active lately, but some anonymous dude has been picking on the and Szagyn wants that dude.

With much ado and some hasty bathing, we got Rhonin off to Bram’s office. The Ironfells were big in the mining business. Bram needs Rhonin’s assistance to find the Karak Lode – a prosperous mine long since cut off by sandstorms and lost. Some paperwork Sarshan had seems to reference directions to it and Ironfell wants us to track it down for 600 gp (100 each, half now and half later) and any treasure we find and can carry back.

The Secret of Karak Lode – sounds like a good title for a book. The trail and pass gradually blew closed and the path was lost. I could probably make it more exciting. I’m sure that pirates would make it thrilling.

We had a miserable slog through the desert and found a wandering tattered guy with a book who claims to be the guardian of the desert and wants us to leave. His name is Mag, and he told us of us a town called Dunes End and came with us. It’s surrounded by a wavy wall, which Adara suspects was designed by K&H. We came into town (well, hardly even a village) and heard cries of pain. A gnoll apparently just killed a guy, and there was a Behir (giant lizard thing) as well. The behir was resistant to lightning (we found out the hard way), and the gnoll appeared to be some culty type dude, and more of them came out to play. Of course it was a fight. I took an enormous amount of damage throughout, and Alan had great difficulty focusing. Umril ran off on her own but came back again. Ian shot from well back and bossed us around as usual, but I admit, he is good at it. And we eventually took them.


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