Epic DnD - Scales of War

Through the Blue Wall of Fire into the Barrens

The boundary was a blue wall of fire that we had to get through. I ran through and grabbed Rhonin with me, and we all became somewhat spell-scarred. I became somewhat translucent (Milestone). This place was weird, like a desert full of undead guys attacking a paladin. (Wisp Wraiths, spell-scarred mages, skeletons and a bone-shard mongrel.) Rhonin saved me from a huge attack from one of the mages. After a good slogging we defeated them all.
Tychos thinks Torm brought us to save him. He said we were in The Barrens, the 100th layer of the Abyss. He said he was here to rescue the people, and he thought he has found a cure for spell scars. The citizens, as he called them, were across the water, as we were on the shore of a river that runs through this desert. Off we went in the boat. Rhonin fancied himself a sailor. Riven seems to be a very handy sorcerer or warlock, as the case may be, in a fight.
We crossed to find a ruined cathedral buried in the sand, apparently an old Temple of Torm. Tychos thinks it represents an alternate future of our world. We wandered in and found some little tiny demons playing cards and a lot of closed, locked, portcullised doorways. We also heard chanting and tortured screams. Manes, quasits, guardian ruinlord (tentacle thing). Blood, desecration, and so on. I didn’t want to waste time pussyfooting around and in so I crashed the door down. They were torturing the townsfolk most horribly. The ruinlord drained life from the people to bolster himself during our battle….



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