Epic DnD - Scales of War

The Death of Queen Shephataya. Shepatiya. Whatever.


We killed an air elemental. Then we invoked the elements and Rhonin called up to Morodin, which opened the door to a large room that has a chess puzzle of sorts. Rhonin continues to annoy us with regaling Gwen with random statements that are supposedly “Warden Wisdom,” such as “Wardens know things,” and “Wardens can’t spell.” We found ourselves on a giant chessboard with limited kinds of movement. The enemy Queen became a naga and spat poison and was truly obnoxious, and meleed about much. There was much knocking down of people and chess pieces, but I did finally give Queen Shephataya the killing blow.
The room after was then full of Dwarven skulls, but there were scrolls. Queen Shepataya was apparently trapped in here, but killed many Dwarves during her imprisonment. She found a portal leading in here, and there is a rift here, and it looks as though they have looted out the Lode and sent it all to the elemental plane of chaos , which is great misfortune. I got a Primordial Ring (Daily Minor Resistance 10 variable until end of encounter or 5 minutes; after a milestone it becomes 2/encounter) Rhonin found a signet ring. Otherwise we got some gold, gems, and magic items, but no art. (Total: 800 gp, 1000 gp of gems (360 gp each); Scroll of Protection x 2 (Alan), Doppelganger Armor 2 (Gwen); Elven Battle Armor +2 (Rhonin); Potion of Clarity; Lifedrinker Weapon +2 (2 d6 necrotic on crit; Drop enemy to 0, I get 5 temporary hp) – Vaxxa.



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