Epic DnD - Scales of War

Return to Overlook Again. Seeking Saughin, Dead or Alive

We headed back toward Overlook and Ironfell to tell him what occurred at the Lode. We stop at Dunes’ End to tell them Queen Shephetiah was dead and also her tax-collector, and they gave to us a Seeker Weapon (sold…636 gp each). We help out the Happy Beggar with rebuilding; Rhonin goes to see Khalad and decides (on my suggestion) to put his house on the market and look for an inn that needs some work. He keeps inviting people to stay with him, and we keep dropping in on him, and he has Fluffy, so an inn makes sense. Then we stopped in to see Bram to let him know about our adventures in the Desert. Alis was looking for us – Alis from Brindol, the Priestess of Ioun. She was around the market, handing out pamphlets, but Gwen and Rhonin found out that something sinister may have happened to her. Apparently the Lost Ones took her.
Silvertongue saw a suspicious elf when he (Alan) was examining the alleyway.
We did visit Bram and share with him the sad news of the mine and he will take care of sealing the rift. He gave us payment at the local Weapons Depot. There is a reward for Saughin dead or alive, Saughin being the leader of the Lost Ones.
Our reward was: 2 gems (total value 1000 gp therefore 200 gp each).
The next day was rainy. Alan created unseen servants to carry a tarp over us as we went to the old temple (Nine Bells Temple – abandoned temple of Amancor). The temple had a semicircular stairway leading up to grand double doors surrounded by a flame design. We push the doors open, and Alis was there, bound and gagged. It had rained in the temple. Rhonin and Gwen ran in, and it seemed there were people behind the frescoes. Saughin also stepped out from the darkness. Alan floated Alis outside, but the rest of us were caught up in battle. I swear the gods were against me today, as I could not hit anyone. Rhonin and Gwen and Alan beat up on Saughin, and the rest of the kidnappers ran off. Saughin had 500 gp (100 each).



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