Epic DnD - Scales of War

Karak Lode part two


Puzzle room – I didn’t write it down, but it’s a poem thing and the answers are Water, Fire, Air and Earth. The little teeny hammer seems to be a key, and it looks like we need a diamond and an anvil as other keys. Rhonin opens the first door, and the room is full of water with fish swimming in it. And sharks. And some kind of big aquatic monsters that spit jets of water (Archer Fish). Thank goodness I was on the synchronized swim team at Felicci! Quote of the day from Ian, “Because my bow is better than his spitting!” And then we were beset upon by an Aboleth Plaguewhisperer. Fortunately Ian and Umril and Nekkar all showed up this time. Second quote of the day: Adara says, “We’re going to take a nap after this.” Alan replies, “You mean we’re going to sleep with the fishes?”

Sharks bite really hard. But when they were dragged out into the air, they vanished. Magical fish. In the basement. In the desert. I suspect K&H again. Could be worse; they could have been in the attic instead. Thank goodness Ian and Alan could shoot at things from outside the doorway. Although the archer fish were most annoying and shot back at Ian. Adara was knocked down and Alan had to pull her free, or rather, his Unseen Servants did. Nekkar finally finished off the Aboleth, much to everyone’s relief. Gwen killed a water elemental by swimming to the surface and teleporting to switch places with it. Then, when they were all gone, Rhonin tapped a block with his hammer, it moved and the water started draining out. Just fancy! We did it the hard way. Typical.



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