Epic DnD - Scales of War

Karak Lode part three


This room had number puzzles. Rhonin figured out one, Adara figured out the second and Gwen figured out the third one. They all had dials we needed to set. Then the doors slammed shut and flames leaped out and coalesced into a Huge Fire Golem. We had the choice of trying to operate the console or kill the Fire Golem. It looked really large at first, but I guess it wasn’t really all that big after all. Well, it wasn’t all that tiny either, but it could have been worse. Alan and I got set on fire, although it was sorely damaged when I breathed ice upon it. The trouble was that as it moved all around, it set the room on fire. Rhonin taught Gwen that “Wardens know that fire is hot!” He is full of wisdom! Gwen and Silvertongue also set into action a hose of water that shot out into the room to put out fires. It was very warm and steamy in there. It was also a very long (and hot) battle. I was badly burned, but I took it out in the end, doggedly running after it and striking it over and over and over again with my Word of Diminishment.



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