Epic DnD - Scales of War

Karak Lode part one


We then walk into a large room with huge stone tiles. The first one turned green when Gwen stepped on it. Another square turned blue with a strange symbol on it (for the number 1). Another one erupted into a fountain of flame and several trap doors around the edge opened up and lizards popped out. It was like a great, huge puzzle room with monsters coming out of the stonework. I suspect the handiwork of K&H. After taking some damage the lizards became stiff, and Gwen, who has apparently been taking Rhonin far too seriously, picked one up and planted it like a great flag to stop a fountain of flame from going off. We figured it out, along with smacking many lizards.

Then we got into the next room and a gigantic stone guardian behind a rusty portcullis asked us to present a symbol, which none of us had. Gwen strained something trying to heave up the portcullis, and then the golem just lifted it up himself, but Rhonin promptly knocked him over and Alan placed a Fountain of Fire on top of him. We shoved him around, and Rhonin dropped the portcullis on his head, and he did some earthshaking damage to everyone around him. It was a very noisy battle. I swear my teeth are still rattling. I shattered him with a Word of Shielding, and he left behind nothing but a little, teeny hammer.



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