Epic DnD - Scales of War

From Elturel to Verdusk

(In which we meet Darla, who came through a portal to the Abyss, appearing in the area of the cells where the townsfolk were capture.) We did kill that nasty Ruinlord. And we kept slogging around, battling little demonic guys. Rhonin took a great deal of damage in this fight, as is his usual habit. I healed the 8 townsfolk that we rescued, and Tychos went looking for a book, which, I guess, is where he was looking for the cure, and he found Sikulis’ Journal. Riven said it was a book of ritual variants from the Plague War.
Alan helped us get back through the barrier this time, and councilor Bufus met us back at town. 900 xp; 450 gp. 12700 total xp. (Common L2, Uncommon L, uncommon Waist slot L+1 (one of))
We returned to Elturel. Elturel, now that I had time to figure this out, is the capitol of Elturgard.
One night when Alan was studying the journal the rest of us were at a bar, one where Rhonin gets extra drinks, which is now most of them. There have been fights breaking out lately, especially among the spell-scarred, who are unjustly being treated as second class citizens and generally abused and persecuted by the fearful people of town. Tychos sent for us to meet him at the Misty Griffin, HQ of the spell-scarred paladins who were kicked out of the Order of Torm. He had a task for us – keeping watch on the persecuted people who are leaving town. Natalie, who is helping them, won’t speak with current or former P’s of T or even Tychos.
We cleaned the slurs from her office and she let us in (password “darkened sky” Vandurant in Scornubell) and we agreed to help escort a mother and child to Scornubell. We got there okay, it was a rather bustling river city, and Vandurant was an exotic rug salesman. Next stop: Hermonius, in Verdusk. Password: “Molten Sea.” H is a mage in Verdusk, which was yet another merchant port. But at his shop, he was not there but some other guy was in the shop – Brandus Thoughtspell Mage and Expert. Brandus….was an impostor!



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