Epic DnD - Scales of War

Dunes End


Finally we have a chance to look around the town. The gnoll called himself “The Warden,” to which Rhonin takes much offense. He was a collector of “taxes” for Shephatiah, Queen (supposed) of the Drylands. They probably only live a few days away; while the villagers have tried to follow them, no one has succeeded and returned. They think the Queen’s place is off to the south somewhere. In the desert. A few days’ worth of water away. However, we never let not knowing how to get someplace stop us from heading off in a probable direction. We’re on an adventure. I’m sure it will be interesting, no matter what happens. Also, we were joined by Gwen, who is a Warden. To make matters more confusing, Rhonin has decided he wants to be a warden and is calling himself “The Warden.”

Later…I like a good sandbath as well as anyone, but there are just so many dunes here and they are such work to slog through. We met an old hag who told us to turn back; nothing but death awaits us. Obviously, Rhonin went up to talk to her. As he did so, these things that looked like fallen corpses rose up threateningly. The hag did some sort of psychic damage, and the other things with her were Razorclaw Shifters. It took much slogging to do this battle. Gwen took much damage. She is a show off who dances as she fights. I think she would do well against the ninjas. We dispatched them eventually. Everyone else thought this was an ambush, and they had come from not very far away.

Just over the next dune we found ruins, perhaps the Ruins of Fortress Ironfell!!! What could be here? A puzzle! We figure it out and the secret door opens…



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