Epic DnD - Scales of War

Brandus, The Evil Imposter Wizard

Gwen finally showed up. She was following Rhonin’s directions on how to get to us and got distracted by a butterfly who tried to drink some of her beer. Gosh, she tells terrible jokes! She ran in through the door, swigged some whiskey and did a little jig. I think she was trying to be threatening, but Rhonin says she needs more practice. Alan knocked him prone, but wizards are dangerous and he still attacked us and was awfully hard to hit. We knocked him down and proceded to try to pound him into the ground, but he escaped us by flying and we had to chase after him around and around the shop. He had a nasty magical attack that made most of us attack each other. Fortunately, Rhonin was not affected by this! I missed Darla, Darla hit me and bloodied me, Alan attacked Darla but missed. Wizards are so annoying. He took Gwen down and I had to heal her, finally, once he was not influencing my actions. Gwen finally took him out! We knocked him out and tied him up for questioning. (+350 xp)

Brandus was wearing the Mark of Ynoghu. Plainly he was up to no good. We woke him up and questioned him. Hermonius is dead, still having been hit by a cart. The Sixth Starfall, an adventuring company, was active during the plague wars and has recently been brought together under the Mark, which gives them extra powers. Alar Silverbow (Elven cleric of Torm), Mishan Giantaxe (Dragonborn barbarian), Zana Cardsharp (Gnomish rogue) and Kodrus Steadyshield (Minotaur Warden) are the other of the Sixth Starfall. Rhonin was incensed. Kodrus is plainly an imposter. The cleric turned them all evil. Now Rhonin wants to rescue this Warden fellow and will probably invite him to his inn.

We need to escort the people we were bringing back to Vandurant, and Natalie wants us to go after the spell-scarred who might be in the woods (Brandus sent them there to be sacrificed). A couple members of the Shields of Kilgrave come to take care of our spell-scarred.

We headed off into the woods where Brandus said he sent the spell-scarred. (We read his journals.) All of a sudden, there was this fog and I was separated from everyone else, and I stumbled into a campsite and find one of the spell-scarred.



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