Epic DnD - Scales of War

And Now for Something Completely LFR

We chased after Sarshan, and it was a trap – we fell through a portal and found ourselves in Elturgard. Whee!
Heroes needed due to attacks against town and Torm worshippers by the Order of the Blue Flame. We head off to the makeshift pub. There were lots of injured and suffering, a lot with problem related to spell plague. Councilman Bufus wants us to help against this spell plague and attack, specifically looking into a quarantined area of the city where a meteor hit a warehouse. 15 people have gone missing recently. Tychos is a spellplagued paladin who entered the sequestered area and has not been seen since. They want us to go into that area and see what we can find out about Tychos.
As we approached to climb over the walls and in, these giant rats threw down a barrel full of blue burning spell-stuff. (We found out later it was not the rats, but I think the rats would make a better story.) (Then we found out it was a spell plagued ox. Or at least an ox with a spell plagued wagon. Now that does make a good story!) (Silvertongue called it the “Cow-ta-pault.”) After more battle we spotted a spell plagued carp, which Rhonin was sure must be the mastermind of this group, but I thought the spiders were more annoying. *Rod of Distortion +2 (to Riven Duskmoure who came in to tag out Adara) 11500 xp + 300 = 11800



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